IMI - Innovation Management Institute

Innovation Management Courses by IMI

Innovation management courses by IMI bring together corporate and university students to learn latest theory and research on innovation management, applied to concrete innovation development cases of participating companies. This mixed-teams approach of corporate and university students studying jointly helps combine the fresh viewpoints of students with the experience of people working in the industry forming an unique setting for learning.

Imi courses
The courses cover all the key areas of the innovation paradigm, exploring the big picture of the innovation paradigm (Module 1), the role of strategy and offering in innovation (Module 2), the innovation process (Module 3), and innovation enablers (Module 4). Lessons learned will be reviewed in a summary session (Module 5)

Course Benefits

The courses equip corporate and university students with insight into latest research knowledge on innovation management, enriched by application to real-life cases of new innovation development at participating case study companies.

Companies participating with a case reap the benefits of having innovation development challenges addressed by dedicated teams that bring together university students’ fresh viewpoints with the experience of corporate students. Examples of suitable cases are challenges such as development of new goods, services, or business concepts.