IMI - Innovation Management Institute

Research areas

IMI researchareas

Currently the research and development function of IMI covers the examination of innovative operations at the following levels:

  1. Innovation management structures & processes
  2. Innovation practice

Research areas and projects are described more accurate below.

Innovation management structures & processes

There are currently no projects.

Older projects

Innovation practices

BINEC - Building Innovation Agency through Empowering Backstage Collaboration (11/2014 - 10/2017)

The BINEC project aims to reduce the lost innovation potential when collaborating with resource scarce communities. The project does this by investigating the innovation practice of resource scarce communities, and particularly by examining which parts of this practice gets hidden when interacting with external collaborators. The project further aims to identify how this inhibits the potential of the collaboration, and how such barriers to fruitful co-development could be overcome. 


Older projects