IMI - Innovation Management Institute

Online Review Site Data in Service Innovation

Authors Eloranta Tuomo
Project RINE
Type Conference paper
Release date Sept. 10, 2015
Publisher Paper presented 25th annual RESER (The European Association for Research on Services) conference, 10-12th September, Copenhagen, Denmark


The recognized importance of customer understanding and involvement to successful service innovation has resulted to the development of various cocreation approaches striving for tight integration between customers and the company. While sometimes methods of tight coupling are essential, there is also a need for lighter means for gaining customer understanding amidst the organizational reality of limited budgets and time available. Given this, the objective of the study is to examine ways of virtual custom-er integration, namely utilizing feedback customers give on public online review sites as an idea source and inspiration for service innovation. This study brings new understanding on how firms can best leverage this tool as a part of their customer integration tool portfolio to support their devel-opment activity.