IMI - Innovation Management Institute

IMI days in Kisakallio

Event starts:Thu 06 Sep 2012 08:00
Event ends:Fri 07 Sep 2012 16:00
Location:Kisakallio, Lohja

The traditional two days in Kisakallio offered the place and the time to bring the whole IMI team together. As usual, the aim of the short trip was to build up the IMI-spirit, and to go through the future directions. On the first day, the strategy and the position of IMI were visualized and discussed in order to clarify the working environment of the team. The strategy was compared to the strategies of the institutions working closely with IMI, including BIT research center, Aalto University, and the study programs IDBM and AVP. Also the partner companies, the policy-makers and the academy were brought close to the discussion in order to understand how the team could serve its collaborating partners the best.

Thinking about the strategy not only helped to visualize the future of the IMI, but it also built the base for the discussions on the second day, that focused on the directions of the individual research projects and on the collaboration between them. During these discussions the project teams had the time to question the base and the goals of the projects. When discussing about all the projects together, the project teams got to share visions of how the projects could support each other and how they could work together to create even more valuable outcomes.

All these discussions and reflection were inspired by the green surroundings of the late summer. The days were refreshed with sports activities, including curling, baseball and a fitness test, and in the evening the team got to relax in the sauna and to chat by a cozy camp fire.