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Contact information - Kirsi Polvinen

Kirsi Polvinen
M.Sc. (Biochem.) Kirsi Polvinen
Project Manager
Mobile phone: +358 50 5715678

General information

Kirsi started at IMI in May, 2009. She is currently working in BIOINNO-project (Business Competence and Innovation Activity in Bio- and Bio-oriented industries) as a project manager. Kirsi has Masters degree in biochemistry from Helsinki University.

Research interest

Kirsi's research interests include innovation processes, business models and new trends and technologies in the field of biotechnology.

Professional background

Before joining IMI Kirsi worked for four years at Orion Pharma as a research scientist. Her main responsibilities were to set up proteomic and antibody based technologies for different therapy areas and to work as a study director or responsible scientist in non-clinical studies. Kirsi has a long (about 20 years) work history in Research and Development in biotechnology companies. She has worked for example at Finnish Sugar Ltd, Valio and Blood Tansfusion Center in Finland. She has also an extensive international experience, while she has lived in USA for 6.5 years and worked there for several years, for example at Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Recently completed projects

BIOINNOBusiness Competence and Innovation Activity in Bio- and Bio-oriented industries


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