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Contact information - Jaana Näsänen

Jaana Näsänen
M.Soc.Sc. Jaana Näsänen
Researcher, Project manager
Mobile phone: +358 50 3841664

General information

Jaana started at IMI in August 2009. She is currently working in RINE (Requirements for Innovative Environments)project.

Research interest

Jaana’s research interest focuses on idea legitimacy in the front-end of innovation. More specifically, she is interested in studying how legitimacy for novel ideas is discursively constructed in organizational talk. Her methodological interest lies in qualitative approaches, especially in social psychological discourse analysis that has focused on the actual spoken interaction in institutional settings.

Professional background

Jaana has Master's degree in social psychology from Tampere University. Before joining IMI Jaana worked for four years at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology as a researcher.

Recently completed projects

BACIBackstage Interaction for Effective Collaboration and Innovation
DISCODiscrepancies of Interlude: Supporting Changing Organizations
RINERequirements for Innovative Environments


Articles released in journals and books

Conference papers

Other publications

Previous publications

Vanharanta, O. and Näsänen, J. (2011) Role of intelligence generation activities in building legitimacy for ideas in Front-end of innovation. Proceedings of ECIE2011, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom.


Näsänen, J. and Lempiälä, T. (2011) The Power of Assumptions - Digging Deeper into the Creation of Organizational Inhibitors for Innovativeness. Proceedings of IPDMC, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.


Salovaara, A., Lehmuskallio, A., Hedman, L., Valkonen, P., Näsänen, J. (2010) Information technologies and transitions in the lives of 55–65-year-olds: The case of colliding life interests. International Journal of Human Computer Studies 2010, 68, 11: 803-821.


Lehtinen, V., Näsänen, J., Sarvas, R. (2009) "A little silly and empty-headed": older adults' understandings of social networking sites. In Proceedings of the 2009 British Computer Society Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (pp. 45-54). Cambridge, United Kingdom: British Computer Society. Winner Archival Highlight Award.


Näsänen, J., Oulasvirta, A., Lehmuskallio, A.  (2009) Mobile media in the social fabric of a kindergarten. Proceedings of CHI2009, ACM Press, New York.


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Sarvas, R., Lehmuskallio, A., Lehtinen, V., Näsänen, J., Vihavainen, S. (2008) Snapshot Media: "Kodak Culture" in the 21st Century, CHI 2008 workshop on Collocated Social Practices Surrounding Photos.


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Vihavainen, S., Sarvas, R., Näsänen, J., Grenman, K. (2007) User-Centric Approach for Designing Cross Media Applications in Personal Photography, Proceedings of IARIGAI, Acta Graphica Publisher.