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Tea Lempiälä
Dr. Sc. (Econ) Tea Lempiälä
Head of Research Area
Mobile phone: +358 40 500 0064

General information

Tea Lempiälä is currently managing the reserach area on innovation practice at the innovation management institute. The research area includes three projects: RINE, BACI and BINEC. The aim of the research area is to examine the ways in which innovation praxis can be better supported in organizations. The projects in this research area are all focused on creating understanding of the everday practices through which innovation and change are created. This dynamic is studied e.g. from the perspective of collaboration, decision making and legitimization.

Tea's research interests are related to understanding how ideas are collaboratively developed during an innovation journey, and how the surrounding structural as well as social arrangements facilitate or hinder this effort. She is particularly interested in understanding the tensions related to the emergence of novelty and change in the level of everyday interaction. In this, of particular interest are the ways in which paradoxical tensions can be embraced and dealt with in organizational life. Tea conducts her research through qualitative and mainly ethnographic methods. Her research aims to create better understanding of how innovation and change are created as a collaborative effort and through this discover better means for supporting it. Particularly her goal is to increase the meaningfulness of innovative collaborations and thus release the full potential of such partnerships. She also wishes to create bridges between different perspectives and thus conducts her research in corporations as well as resource scarce communities.

Tea defended her dissertation at Helsinki School of Economics in October 2011. The dissertation is entitled "Entering the Back Stage of Innovation - Discrepancies between the Collaborative Praxis of Idea Development and its Formal Staging in Organizations".  Before managing the research area, she has acted as a project manager in RINE and RINES projects and as a researcher in the BIFE-project.

Current projects

BINECBuilding Innovation Agency through Empowering Backstage Collaboration

Recently completed projects

BACIBackstage Interaction for Effective Collaboration and Innovation
BIFEBalanced Innovation Front End
COINNOCustomer Oriented Innovation in Network Economy
RINERequirements for Innovative Environments
RINESRequirements for Innovative Environments – Structural Challenges


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